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Mission: Securing financial freedom for students through Blockchain

Coders Triangle is a Software Company that specializes in the creation of software and applications through the use of creativity and problem-solving skills to solve problems and improve the standard of living of students. Two major factors considered are:

(I)Solving problems and,

(II) Improving the standard of living of students.

It is no surprise to a lot of people the hidden talents that exist in our different institutions of higher learning and many of these individuals do not get credit for their creative minds and that is what Coders Triangle has thought about when they came up with CT NFT.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding NFT and a lot of people would wonder what NFT is all about. You are not alone.

A Nyan cat NFT image sold for approximately $580,000. NO! (You didn’t read that wrong).

So what is the big deal about NFT and why is Coders Triangle thinking it is a solution to the financial problems of students?

We have to first understand what NFT is and what comes together to constitute an NFT.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible token (NFT) is defined by Wikipedia as a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). NFT can be used to present easily reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items (analogous to a certificate of authenticity), and use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership. Copies of the original files are not restricted to the owner of the NFT and can be copied and shared like any file. The lack of inter-changeability (fungibility) distinguishes NFT from block-chain crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin.

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of crypto-currency that can be described as a combination of traits of decentralized blockchain technology with non-fungible assets.

Unlike the regular digital assets, NFTs are issued and regulated by centralized entities and can be retrieved from a holder at any point in time. It is possible to control an NFT and own one.

The term fungible refers to items or tokens that are created for inter-changeable transactions with another unit or token of the same kind. For example, one bitcoin is equal to the value of another bitcoin. Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable and are made of a unique property that can make them different from one another, even though they have similar attributes.

NFT’s are issued block-chain and used to assign ownership of certain assets. Each NFT has unique data tied to it, a digital content file of some kind and governed by a “smart contract”. The process of converting a media file into a non-fungible token is known as “minting” an NFT.


All our structured system has always centered on the well-being of students and this is no exception. CT NFT and metaverse will be financially beneficial to students as they will allow students to explore their artistry, take gaming to a whole new level while earning money from the value placed on their creative design and digital products. Students can earn money that can aid them in servicing their student loans, paying their tuition fees, and improving their general standard of living of students. The service is not only available to students alone but to the general public as tutors can also be a part of the earning process. It can be seen as an opportunity for the exchange of digital assets for funds while learning even more about the crypto space.

NFT contain a unique, non-transferable identity to differentiate one from the other more or less understood as a digital passport assigned to a particular item. NFT cannot be exchanged but they are extensible i.e. two NFTs can be combined together to bread a third.

NFT has made a huge change in the gaming and collectible space making companies millions of dollars in revenue. Making consideration be it in the music scene, gaming, or world of collectibles the advert of block-chain technology individuals and companies can make money and still protect their properties by making them immutable.

CT NFT and metaverse will empower musicians to do what they do best by monetization of their tracks, gamers can be a part of a created virtual structure and get paid for time spent playing the game and NFT will give rise to the creation of digital customs, avatars, and in-games and they can be sold in a second.

Our major consideration

NFT can appeal to a lot of people such as collectors, teams, leagues, musicians, and different people with a variety of artistry. It has just become a great way for individuals and businesses to monetize their unique assets, engage fans and potentially generate incomes. NFT is still evolving so we are defining our goals in the space while thinking of ways to benefit students and the general public still making profits available for the company and our investors.

Coders triangle places its consideration on three major areas music, art, and gaming.

1. Art

One very important aspect of our concept is art. Institutions of higher learning have a lot of beautiful art pieces rotting away, valued to zero while millions in the worth of art are being sold on a daily basis in the art world. A visit to an art museum will leave you in “Woah” with the insane price placed on some of the art pieces.

One will ask “why do they go for such a huge amount?” It is because they are one-offs and will be hard to replicate the same exact beauty of art and they will never be created the same exact way again.

CT NFT provides a similar package using NFT but is available for digital artworks.

Digital artworks have been in existence and a lot of people care less about the amount of time and labor that goes into the creation process, they will copy your digital piece of art and put their names on it. NFT provide an opportunity for digital art creators to be able to bring to life their art, place ownership, and sell these digital assets through digital auctions to people from all around the world without the presence of third-party interaction.

Our art NFT is providing a service to art owners by preventing people from creating copies of the digital art, people claiming ownership, and providing protection against copyright infringement.

2. Music

Unpaid royalties, scams, and misuse of musical talents are nothing new in the music scene which has made the music industry a risky venture. In recent times the streaming service continues to get popularised which leads to the concern of profit generated by the service and affects musicians around the world.

The future takes shape because we at Coders Triangle aim at changing the perspective. We intend to create a system for music producers and musicians empowering them with a revolutionary distribution platform.

We thought about how to empower young aspiring musicians in different higher institutions looking for how to get their music to the public fast and get paid for the quality of music they put out without being ripped off their profits by distribution companies.

Our goal is to safeguard all the content that the everyday student artists and content creators, develop their talents, and get paid as a reward for their labor. We would be achieving that with the combination of two products i.e.

CT music live (streaming app)

Our streaming app will be a place for musicians from around the world to share their love for music and instrumentals. It can be seen as a showcase of talent creating endless opportunities in the music scene.

CT music digital (NFT platform)

CT music is built as a bridge between the expression of love for music and seamless incomes. Platform musicians can register, sell music, buy instrumentals and sell their music on the decentralized web.

Both will work in tandem to provide an enhanced user experience. The $CTT will still be used as a payment solution CT music will be built to stage world talent of music from around the world. It would be an excellent way to showcase the talent of everyday musicians. It will be a connecting factor between the musicians and lovers of music, creating an enabling environment, encouraging creativity, culture, value, discipline, and generating wealth and doing this in the simplest way possible.

Students who make music can upload their music to the NFT platform and put their creations out for sale. This will encourage and ensure the uniqueness of content. There will be versions available on IOS and android for download on the Google play store and Apple app-store.

3. Gaming

Creating a virtual space, avatars, a skin, and interconnectivity of gamers from different higher institutions where these gamers can play to earn and generate a new gaming experience with real-world economics and player incentives.

With thoughts on creating a gaming platform that players earn more as they play, a built-in incentive rewarding system for time spent playing. Players would be rewarded with unique items with verifiable ownership that can be traded, bought, or sold. This is where blockchain technology and NFT come to play with this unique item having identifiers that ascribe to the value like a supply-constrained good or piece of art.

Our campaign in the gaming scene is to bring individuals or groups from different institutions to play for rewards on the CT gaming platform. The winning institution takes the reward and the financial reward will be sent to the institution to improve the standard of living and quality of education the students receive.


We are sure at this point you have completely understood the concept behind this innovation. Revolutionary use of blockchain technology is created to benefit students, the company, and our investors. We would share another secret with you stating that a lot of thoughts and brainstorming ideas have gone into the planning process. The main reason for the success we have had so far and we have seen the potential and we want to share this reality with the world.

We at Coders Triangle believe in what we do and will continue to work tirelessly to make this something that will truly exist in our society. We have come to exist in a digital world filled with endless possibilities and to create something that will outlive us while harvesting enough profit off the digital market as much as we can.






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