Coders Triangle Token
1 min readNov 15, 2021

CTT use cases / Features

1. Mode of payment within CodersTriangle platform.

2. CTlearn (Virtual learning environment) CTT will be used as an incentive to users.

3. MCH — Discount for rent and advertising on the platform. Users can also earn CTT through our referral program.

4. Campus E-commerce holders also can buy with CTT

5. Courier Services — Holders get discounts or near to free Courier services.

6. NFT / Metaverse to empower users, where they make money with their Arts, music, and Gaming.

Coders Triangle has been around for 5yrs. Has a working product. Our products are adopted in higher institutions in developing nations.

👉 Registered company✅

👉 Founders are KYC verified ✅

👉 Verified Contract address✅

👉 Public and strong team✅

👉 Good tokenomics and ambitious use case ✅

👉 Smart Contract address is Audicted ✅

👉 Team and Advisors tokens Locked for years 🔒

👉 Amazing marketing plans 😍

Initial Mcap will be around $160K

💥 Easy 100x 🚀

Presale (IDO)

Maybe with OXBULL, Paid Network, and Tpad.

Stay tuned for more info and follow us at:






Coders Triangle Token

CTT is a binance based protocol which aims bringing the most profit to the ecosystem by using the blockchain technology in financial activities.