Financial Opportunities Available With $CTT

  • CTLearn (VLE; visual learning environment): this is a platform that intends to transform the education sector and make it more technologically advanced rather than the use of traditional learning as we know it. $CTT will be used as a payment method, and incentives and rewards will also be made available for students and tutors.
  • CTPay: fast transaction at low fees. It will also be used as a payment method although optional across all other CT platforms. Students can pay for tuition, pay departmental fees, buy textbooks and make payments for much more.
  • E-commerce: goods and services can be paid for on the platform with the use of $CTT.
  • MCH (my campus home) rent: as houses will be listed on the platform, individuals can make payments using #CTT.
  • Courier service: the courier service will allow parents and students to send packages from their homes to their children in school and vice versa. The service will be made available to the public and payment for this service can be done with $CTT as an optional method. Holders of the token from 3 to 6 months will be able to make use of the service for free.
  • NFT and Gaming: the NFT and Gaming will appeal to the student but are not limited too. Individuals looking to make a profit from their music, artworks, and gaming will ff this financially profitable. It’s a great way to monetize their intellectual and artistic asset as all transactions will be done using $CTT.
  • The use of $CTT creates a frictionless market with limited barriers.
  • It’s decentralized also reducing the need to create high standards or dedicated channels to carry out financial activities.
  • Secure and easy payment method.
  • Built to hold its value due to the creation of functional use case which means for investment purposes potential investors do not need to worry about a reduction in value.



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Coders Triangle Token

Coders Triangle Token

CTT is a binance based protocol which aims bringing the most profit to the ecosystem by using the blockchain technology in financial activities.