The launch of the $CTT ICO platform

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3 min readFeb 7, 2022

On a daily basis, thousands of new crypto companies are founded on the basis of unique ideas and token sales is the $CTT space. The Coders triangle team created the $CTT web-based dashboard in an effort to create a good investment platform for investors and to put financial control of investment in the hands of our investors. The goal is to create a simplified, secure, and user-friendly system for our investors who intend to embark on a financial journey with the company. This is done in preparation for the Seed sale and a variety of other financial ventures that will benefit users.

The value proposition of a web-based dashboard

✓ Buying of $CTT

The platform is beautifully built to aid and process the buying of $CTT by those intending to partake in the seed sale by making the purchase as easy, simple, and seamless as possible. In short, words, purchase made easy, you can also manage your token amount, monitor token price and automatically apply for purchase process making the process feel so easy.

✓ Vesting of $CTT

The vesting feature is a special addition to the platform adding the locking and releasing of to $CTT at due time, keeping the commitment to the $CTT project long-term, and securing the trust of investment to regards to the durations token will be on lock. The vesting feature is added to build trust and confidence in the project through the availability of information for investors about their investment in the project.

✓ Staking of $CTT

Staking is a process that involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions and allows participants to earn rewards on their holdings is exactly the same as the added feature to the $CTT web-based platform. As rewards are given to those that can stake their $CTT and rewards will be based on how long an investor is willing to stake their token.

How $CTT staking works

1. Buy $CTT during sales

2. Transfer token to blockchain wallet

3. Join a $CTT staking pool

4. Stake your token through your wallet

✓ Rewards on airdrop

Participants of airdrop can now receive their rewards on the platform. Community members and participants, in general, will get their rewards directed from the platform eliminating the complexity of the process. The main idea is to send airdrops to participants of various competitions or tasks.

✓ The leadership board

Get rewards for every friend you refer to the $CTT project. The more friends have referred the more the reward. No referral limit as you can refer as many friends as you want. Your rewards are issued upon completion of the requirement and bonuses will be credited instantly; referrers will receive their bonuses immediately once all conditions are met.

In conclusion, the platform comes as preparations are being made for the seed sale and numerous crypto projects. The platform is built on simplicity, functionality and provides security as needed by all investors. If you are ready to go on a financial journey with us, be rest assured that your best interest is what we take seriously, and meeting your needs is what we take primarily.

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CTT is a binance based protocol which aims bringing the most profit to the ecosystem by using the blockchain technology in financial activities.