Usecase CTT: Introduction to My Campus Home (MCH)

Mission: making campus living easy for students and the environment

When it comes to property purchasing especially renting a comfortable apartment for a student one certainly will face a conundrum of a lifetime, mainly in terms of making the right choice.

A huge factor goes into consideration when looking for suitable accommodation and a lot of thought in understanding the requirement needed to accomplish this. Breaking down these factors and requirements is the part we come in providing an online home search engine and payment platform, which is a game-changer in the housing industry. Make sure they provide important information relevant to the users in order to purchase their favorite and most preferred property.

We cannot deny the huge amount of money, time, and search that one has to go through in order to make the right choice for the right property. It takes days, weeks, and months and in some cases years to find the property that meets one's absolute choice. Searching through different listings, getting in touch with the real estate agent or property owner, comparing properties, calculating the interest rate, rent rate and finally analyzing the value of the property and value of the investment as considerable facts we at coders triangle discussed before coming out with this solution MCH.

Feature of my campus home

The user is to register as well as log in such that they can browse, see the previous history and save history, display favorite listings, shortlist properties and continue searching for the perfect property in an organized fashion.

Users are to log in to their personal accounts to make use of the site and get personalized services. In providing functionality we consider three different factors. Provision of all necessary details on the creation of account as well as email for verification, agents and house owners making sure all personal details are available on profile for validations and authenticity lastly provision of intensive information on properties to be listed and provision of legal documents when needed.

Due to the robust nature of our search site, we make sure all listings are impressive and intensively scrutinized. House owners and agents are to always provide a comprehensive list of all the different properties alongside full details about them. It involves major attention to details so when properties go up for rent the necessary information will already be available giving out the best outcome for each search by filtering or sorting out searches in various ways.

A major feature added is the establishment of solid communication between the property owner and agents to engage in conversation or chats with the prospective renter of property for effortless trade transactions. Apart from all communications placed on the site, all agents are to provide personal details such as phone numbers and emails for those who intend to carry out their transactions outside our platform all to aid the smooth communication that is needed for an easy and stress-free transaction.

As important as it is to view properties with ease and access multiple property options it is also essential to make provision for easy payment, making the process easier and faster between the parties involved in the transaction.

We provide a service that breaks down the payment plans available, the price of different properties, and the provision of a payment method that is convenient to use by both parties involved in the transaction.

Our platform allows for instant messaging aiding communication between the property owner or agent and renter of such property without calling their phones directly. Our system makes for a swift and hassle-free process, our push notification makes the engagement of communication special for parties involved sending out news and offers to the prospective renters of property.

The map being a key feature here was added to aid different third-party integration: also helps customers reach a particular property with ease. Geo-labelling allows our platform users to discover any adjacent property making it quite feasible for the client to easily search for different properties while utilizing their smartphones.

Making campus living easy for students is the mission of my campus home and we will stop at nothing to fulfill that dream by making use of all available resources to bring such dreams to life as seen above by factors already put in place to actualize this dream.

We are here to provide new technology to the housing service that will give users an improved experience. The team put a lot of effort into the site development of the site’s display and navigation to make it appealing, user friendly, and simple.

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